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Seasons Greetings December to New Year from Vance, Bobbi, Dusty, and Glenn in Abu Dhabi 2005
Here's last year's card: http://webheads2004.buzznet.com/user/?id=745624


Ramona and Cristina would like to wish you all a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year! from Portugal


Late Happy Holidays from Portugal!! Ramona and Cristina are thinking of you in this time of the year.

We made an eCard specially for you (for the ones who celebrate Christmas and also for the ones who don't, but who are united by heart and soul). We mean the webheads! ;)


Click here http://xmas80.tripod.com/ or here http://xmas.com.sapo.pt/


All the best,

beijinhos from Portugal! :)


Warm wishes from Bee in Brazil: I have just come back from the countryside where we had a very warm, muddy and rainy Christmas.Wishing you all a wonderful holiday time and the best of the best in 2006. May all your dreams come true! Also giving Vance a virtual hug and Happy Birthday and sending the penguin band to play and chill out at the party :-) flash exe file...link does not work so you'll have to fetch it directly in the file section


From John Last in UK

Click on the following link:



From Candy in San Diego: Visit our Christmas Eve celebration at this link: http://henry.sandi.net/staff/cpauchni/holiday.html


and ... Here's a song that will bring a smile to your faces.



Merry Christmas


Candy also sent Vance a birthday card: http://www.bluemountain.com/view.pd?i=133215602&m=6710&rr=y&source=bma999


Happy Holidays from Miki, Aiden, CJ, Megan and KC in Taiwan 2005

Here's a family video taken a few minutes ago, Dec. 25, 2005, 4:40 pm Taiwan time

Click here to watch video


From Sus in Denmark: hello dear friends, in these times of holiday rites and celebrations of all kinds, what I feel most attracted to is solstice - and the fact that the sun is on its way back!






PS ... and a happy new year 2006 - and congratulations on your birthday Vance!


(sun rise at 8.32 and sunset at 15.52 here in Denmark today)


From Damian in Corfu:

Dear Webheads,

Here http://users.ker.sch.gr/geoker/kalanta.htm you can listen to the

universal Greek Christmas carol with the transliterated Greek text and

translation in English.





From Dafne in Venezuela: My Season's greetings Daf


From Susan in Tehran: Happy holidays, everyone! I hope the year 2006 will be a prosperous

year for all, full of understanding, love, and peace! :-)


Warm wishes,

Susan Marandi @>---;-

Tehran, Iran


Graham Stanley in Spain sent us a virtual jigsaw puzzle from http://www.jigzone.com/


To solve this puzzle postcard, click on the following

Web address at anytime within the next 60 days.






From Yaodong (Liuzhou,China) - Merry X'mas,my webhead friends: http://www.516.com/hy/sd.htm?516hy=Webheads


From Doris in Maracaibo -

My dear friends! May you have a great xmas time and hope next year is

full of dreams and nice experiences! Keep on shining!


Warm abrazos from Maracaibo.



From Sophie in Cyprus

Hi everyone


I'd like to wish you all a Happy Christmas, a refreshing holiday and

peaceful 2006.


Lots of love



From Michael Ivy in Rome


I would like to wish you all the best for the season, and a very happy New Year



My resolution: to become a more assiduous Webhead. There is a lot of useful

advice here in this group, but with an old, slow computer I can't always get the

best out of it, or contribute as I would wish.

The Metrozine: http://www.britishcouncil.it/students/rome

The Rome EFL Blog: http://romelfblog.blogspot.com


From Teresa in Portugal - an eCard at http://www.yahoo.americangreetings.com/view.pd?i=178322537&m=4276&rr=y&source=yahoo999
Happy Birthday, Vance!


Have a wonderful day with the family!


Hope you enjoy the virtual cake I'm sending!


Hugs, Teresa


Mohamed, Lillie, Anwar and Nadia write from Fort Najafali in Oman:





Best wishes for 2006


From Rita in Argentina


Thanks , dear Vance, for another source and more learning!

May the new year (YOUR new year TOMORROW!) and our common 2006 approaching bring you and all dear Webheads everything you all hope to get, among so many hopes, also the joy of still another successful and gratifying year working and sharing together...., the inmost yearning of all members of this fabulous group!

Lots of hugs from warm Argentina,



Maria Irene in Venezuela sent us a Hallmark e-card! http://www.hallmark.com/ECardWeb/ECV.jsp?a=0159661623920M79969973Y


Andreas writes from Germany -


ein frohes und gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest euch allen.

We would like to wish you all a joyful X-mas as well as peace!


Have a good end of December break, if your culture sanctions this.


Chris, Mala-Louise, Liv-Theres, Lars-Frederic, Bengt-Martin and Andreas



Mike Marzio in France writes: couldn't resist a second "Christmas Card" at the following link: http://www.jacquielawson.com/viewcard.asp?code=ER13610552


Betty Lou & Carl Leaver sent an ecard from 123Greetings.com.



From Alkmaar in the Netherlands - best wishes to all and these words:


Whatever your brand of tea

Do not forget to copy and paste

To all the other days of the year:

The drinking together and the taste.


Arnold Mühren


Denlison from Brazil writes: Feliz Natal e ótimo 2006


Here at south of Brazil, life goes slow


My kid just finish his first year at school, my wife is working at same

company than I, and I´m enjoyng being IT mannager, burning music cds, dvds

and working hard to!


Weekends doing surf, going to the beach and staying with the family.


Negative, just the distance between me and my friends:


Portugal, Argentina, States, Turkey, Hungary, Netherlands, England,



Wish 2006 all of you get rich, so you can send me tickets to flight and go

visit you!!!


Merry Christmas - Happy New Year


From Snea Thinsan and Family: http://thinsan.com


From Cemal, Nita, and Fey, Christmas in Cornwall


We are now settled in our house in Cornwall and the

builders have left after 2 months work so we have a

stunning kitchen/dining room and a home office. Cemal

will be using the office for one day a week soon but

rest of time is working in London office, we are

working on that.


I am looking for work and trying to catch up on all

the jobs around the house/ haven't even touched the

garden yet; also running our small 2 bed annexe as a

hoilday let.


Cornwall is beautiful and life much more relaxed down

here, we are right on the coast about 5 minutes walk

from the beach so perfect for walking.


We have a new addition to the household - Fey - 8 mth

old German Shorthaired Pointer, she is full of life

and mischief but keeps us fit and is a joy to own.


Do let us know your news and all the best for 2006.




Cemal, Nita & Fey


Michael Coghlin writes from Australia:


Dear Webheads,


Thank you to all those who have sent electronic cards, best wishes,

carols and puzzles over the last few days, and especially thank you

to everyone for another stimulating year as part of this community.

It has been another wonderful webhead year. May there be many more to come,


Happy Holidays everyone,


- Michael


Hala has written from Sudan, in response to Candy in San Diego ...


I am one of the Muslim Webheaders. We celebrate twice a year. The first one is

called Aid-Alfitr(means the celebration of breaking the fasting

month;Ramadan).The second is Aid-Al-Adhaa (celebtaion of the sacrifice of Prophet

Abraham of his son).The latter is due on the 10th of January.We have four days



Hala. Khartoum, Sudan.


Candace wrote:

Hello Everyone,

It is such a joy to see all these warm holiday greetings from so many to

everyone. I, too, wish everyone a Merry Christmas but I also will wish those who

are Jewish a Happy Hanukkah, and others a Happy Kiwanza. I guess I'm saying

that I wish everyone a very meaningful and loving holiday time in whatever way

you celebrate.


Are there Webheads who celebrated something different than Christmas,

Hanukkah, Kiwanza? It would be exciting to know about other celebrations, too.


Peace and love to everyone,

Candace Pauchnick


Maedhbh from Ireland, one of my Open Water diving students in Abu Dhabi, sends this:



Ann Lian from China and now Kentucky writes:


It has been a long time (2002) since I joined the community. I enjoyed the friendship here, enjoyed the warm atmosphere, I met a lot of wonderful people here. I am now doing my Ph.D degree in Economics at the University of Kentucky. Busy research keep me from visiting here frequently. But all of the good memories are alive in my mind.

I wish you all the best in the new year, happy, healthy and wealthy!

Merry Christmas,



Susan Berg writes: Dear friends,


Wishing everyone the best for Christmas, the New Year and Hanukah, too!! Lots of well needed peace...

Susan B.



Season's Greetings from Elizabeth Hanson-Smith and husband, Jack Thompson
We leave for Florida very soon, but will be online and in touch. There are still a few weeks not booked by friends and family, so come on down and see us!



SergeiG writes from Minsk, Belarus

I wish you and your families a very wonderful Christmas and New Year, filled with love, happiness,joy and fulfillment!


Wishing you all a great New Year! from Rick Rosenberg (RickRo, Ricardinho)
I'm off for Brasil and Ilha Grande in a few days. See you all next year.


Dear my colleges and friends!!!


I would like wish all the best and great

luck you and your family!!!


A Merry Christmas and happy new year


Yours Oktyabr

From Khovd Mongolia


Happy holidays from Christine in snowy Vermont!

I hope to see many of you at TESOL in March.

See pictures of me and my family and read my Christmas letter at http://academics.smcvt.edu/cbauer-ramazani/Christmas/2005/2005.htm



This is me with some of my students at a Christmas party they put on. Have a great New Year all. From Paul in Thailand



Hi from New Zealand. Too late to wish you a merry Christmas but not too late to say "Have a great New Year". This is my very first time on a wiki so thank you for the opportunity. Thanks also to all those webheads who have helped me make faltering steps towards computer literacy. It has been a great year of travel and adventure meeting people interested in CALL all over the world. Back to work and reality next year.


Regards Kathy Parker


Many thanks for a wonderful Webhead year, and best wishes for 2006, wherever and however you celebrate it.

Warm regards,

Wendy Seale-Bakes

Wishing You a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, from Lebanon!


Dear Webheads,


I spent last week with friends in Lebanon where we celebrated Christmas, together. I had Christmas dinner last Sunday with my friends, Michel and Sonia. Ruba, their daughter played the guitar while we were preparing dinner. I’ve videoblogged a short clip of Ruba to my blib.tv.blog to share with you the wonderful moments I spent with my friends on Christmas day, Dec. 25, 2005, in Beirut. Hope you like it..Thanks Vance for creating such a wonderful Webheads Wiki..Buth


Please note: __The video clip might take 3-6 seconds to load..Blib.tv blog is new but the guys there are working very hard and I'm sure things will be much better soon.__

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VANCE wishing you all the best of luck..

Here is your B'Day eCard, hope you like it :)|

From Lee

Here is wishing all the webheads and friends the best New Year ever! 2006... bring it on.

Thanks everyone for keeping the fire lit.


Lee Ann Baber


This is the card I made for all of you...may your year be merry and bright! ~Lee~


From Daf in Caracas:-)Click here!


From John Hibbs in Oregon (From one cat herder to another ... ) It's unbelieveable all the new ways to just say something old -- Happy Birthday, and Happy New Year - http://www.bfranklin.edu/johnhibbs



I wish everybody healthy and happy new year. Peace,

Arif Altun


Happy New Year from Sunny Dubai - See how we spent part of our day here, in the interior of the building shown at right in the skyline above. - Vance, Glenn, Dusty, and Bobbi


Hello Glenn & Dusty! It seems like you had a lot of fun, which is great. I wish you both a Happy New Year and good luck with everything you've planned and whichever resolutions you may have.


Antonio (from Mexico)


Hi from Bolu, Turkey! I wish a happy year in which you will always smile and be aware of the tiny things that make you happy...

Sedat Akayoglu (Turkey)


happy new year and season's greetings to all from land-a-linkin, illinois usa....i wish the best to all webheads. No card but our letter is here: http://20six.co.uk/leverett

-Tom Leverett

Belated Happy New Year or perhaps early Happy Valentine's Day :-)

2005 was another great year. In the summer I traveled around the national parks in Utah. You can see most of the pictures at http://public.fotki.com/ChrisJo/. In October I met the celebrated Elderbob in Dallas and made an audio post to his blog direct from his cell phone. I spent a quiet holiday season mostly at home working on my long avoided and never ending "to-do list" though I enjoyed time with friends locally and in San Diego and Phoenix. I'm looking forward to another great year as a Webhead.

Chris Jones

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